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11th-Century Depiction of King David as a "Black" man.
King David and His Musicians (The Bristol Psalter, f. 7v), c. 11th century A.D. British Library. London, United Kingdom.

welcome to the Nation of Israel

Jesus Christ of Nazareth depicted as a "Black" man.
Jesus Christ (top center) accompanied by 12 other Hebrew Figures, c. 18th century A.D. The Holy Monastery of Pantokrator. Mount Athos, Greece.

Har Tsiyon is the government for the Nation of Israel, which is perhaps the most ancient extant Nation In the World.

Before now, it was impossible to know and interact with God's Chosen People without scouring the annals of history. The Israelites' identity had been removed and usurped over the course of roughly 2,000 years. In the interim, another group arose in their stead alleging to be the Biblical Hebrews whom God had set apart as His very own Heritage. But unfortunately and as a matter of verifiable fact, the Jews are not God's People.

The Nation Aborigines Heirs of Israel

Israelites comprise the Nation of Israel and are a consanguineous Family of biological descendants of the Hebrew Patriarchs around which the Holy Bible is centered. The Israelites are God’s Chosen People and are neither Jewish nor Israeli but are aboriginal inhabitants of Israel and the Levant, as confirmed by DNA discovery in prehistoric Natufian fossils.

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Jews are unlawfully occupying the Holy Land under the false pretenses of having the God-given right to be there. However, the Divine Land Grant that God bestowed upon the Israelites requires patrilineal blood descent through Biblical Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The State of Israel is a political entity that was erected in Palestine circa 1948. Because the Jewish State bears no relation to the hereditary offspring of the Patriarchs, the Israelis are trespassers in law. The Nation of Israel is the only lawful claimant and Heir to the Holy Land.

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Genetically, Jews are not Semites but Japhethites. The former comes from Shem and the latter from his brother Japheth, two of Noah’s three sons (with Ham being the third). The concept of antisemitism is intended to denote persons who discriminate or are otherwise prejudicial against Shem’s descendants, Shemites who are in modern vernacular referred to as Semites. While the Israelites are Shemites, Jews trace their hereditary lineage back to Japheth. Therefore, antisemitism against them is not possible, but instead an effectively weaponized fallacy. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted around the world that confirm the Jews’ non-semitic origins.

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The Nation of Israel comes under the protection of the local constitution and laws of the United States of America, including each of those of the several states of the Union, as well as international law promulgated through the United Nations. Notwithstanding the provisions of the 14th article of amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Hebrews are “free white persons”, which has nothing to do with skin tonality and everything to do with legal status; viz., there are two (2) classes of citizenship in the U.S. and every member of the Nation of Israel, as Hebrews, is included in the first one thereof.

Further, the United States are Party to the U.N. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  The said Covenant forms part of international law and recognizes, pursuant Part I, Article 1, Paragraph 1: “All peoples have the right to self-determination”, as well as to “freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”  Moreover, the U.S. have bound themselves to respect and protect the aforementioned rights of the Nation of Israel by legislative processes or other measures to adopt laws as may be necessary to give effect to those rights. (See Part II, Article 2, Paragraphs 1 & 2, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights).


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John the Baptist depicted as a "Black" man.
The Revelation of John the Evangelist, c. 1554 A.D. Monastery of Apokalypsi. Patmos, Greece.

Founded c. 13th-Century B.C.

Mary and Jesus depicted as "Black" woman and child
Jesus and His Mother Mary, c. 1680 A.D. Museum of Russian Icons. Massachusetts, United States.
Mary, baby Jesus, angelic host, and saints portrayed as "Black" people.
Mary, Jesus, Angelic Host, and Saints, c. 1575 A.D. Museum of Russian Icons. Massachusetts, United States.

our Constitution & Laws

The municipal laws of the Nation are accessible in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Contrary to popular belief within Western ideologies, the Bible is not a religious text but a factually historical Heirloom of the Israelites.

First Council of Nicaea, Roman Emperor Constantine, and Forty Martys of Sebasteia shown as "Black" men.
First Council of Nicaea (top), Roman Emperor Constantine (left), and Forty Martys of Sebasteia (right), c. 18th century A.D. Museum of Russian Icons. Massachusetts, United States.

Governmental & Societal Structure

The Government of Israel is unique in that it is a theocracy overseen by a hereditary monarch assisted by princes and priests. Societally, all Israelites and foreigners within the kingdom must observe the laws, statutes, and commandments of Yahuah Elohiym.

Christ shown as a "Black" man on his way to Calvary.
Christ on His Way to Crucifixion at Calvary, c. 18th century A.D. Church of Santa Monica and Museum of Christian Art (MoCA). Goa, India.
Hebrews displayed as "Black" people upon Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.
Jesus Entering Jerusalem Prior to Crucifixion, c. 1600 A.D. Bulgarian National Gallery. Nessebar, Bulgaria.

Our History

“in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance”

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The Nation of Israel

I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelations 2:9