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Cain as the Demonic Procreative by- product of Original Sin and his Role in the Destiny of Humanity: A Rabbinic and Kabbalistic Understanding of The Forbidden Fruit from the Garden of Eden (with Special Doomsday Gallery)

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Nearly every adult is familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden: a newly created being wonders off from her husband and lands herself, and all of Humanity, in a lot of trouble. On the advice of a garroulous serpent, she partakes of a fruity botanical substance that somehow causes her to immediately feel ashamed of her reproductive organs, receive a death sentence, and be exiled from her home. But since when is hunger a crime? And why was the punishent thereof so severe? These are questions that have baffled many and led to the belief that the story is either purely allegorical, or inexplicably nonsensical. However, adequate consideration for Jewish orthodoxy and mysticism will reveal a truth hidden in the Bible for thousands of years, and explain how the events of the Garden will lead the world to the Battle of Armageddon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything. But you will need to start with a basic understanding of the war between good and evil birthed from the Garden of Eden.

Yes, of course. Furthermore it is possible to be looking directly at an angel or a demon without being aware that they are non- or only partially human. (Hebrews 13:2).

Yes, of course! A large part of the Bible is dedicated to the crime of idolatry. In essence, it is any form of accessing the supernatural that is out of alignment will the will and word of God. It may seem intriguing but it is very dangerous.

Because while the various forms of mystery religion and occultism do have supernatural powers, it comes from spiritual outlaws. The beings and forces involved are not who or what they claim to be. The consequence for violating the Divine Order is eternal damnation of the soul.

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