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The Nation of Israel believes in universal respect for all of Humanity. This requires mutual understanding and communication.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth in Majesty.
Christ in Majesty accompanied by Heavenly Host and Saints, c. mid-17th century A.D. The Holy Monastery of Pantokrator. Mount Athos, Greece.


No. As of July 25, 2023, every assumed or presumed relation has been indefinitely terminated.  Har Tsiyon and the Nation of Israel which it serves are independent proponents of world polity. The Nation has been legally arranged into a political Body of hereditary constituents– keeping with the age-old standards and principles of law of the United States of America, and abroad.

We would never reject anyone on the basis of their skin color because we look to the content of character, and to the nature. Our focus is the promotion of Love.  

We recommend that you embrace your opportunity to partake of the benefits of blessing true Israel by browsing this site. Take time to learn about who we are to demonstrate your sincere interest and commitment to join God’s Chosen People.