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Hebrews are Free White Persons, not “Blacks”: Legal Grounds for Reparation and Restitution of the Descendants of the Transatlantic Slavetrade under Domestic and International Law

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The legal plight of highly-melanated persons abducted from the West African Slave Coast is a topic that has been minimally understood and thusly, long overlooked. Although there is a voluptuous body of genetic and other scientific research proving the biological affinity between the misnomered “Negro” of America and the ancient Natufian indigene of Israel, scholars have heretofore declined express peregrination of Hebrew Identity and whereabouts. This neglect by academics has aided and abetted the most enormous instance of human trafficking in recorded history, as well as safe-guarded crime against humanity, and promoted the perpetual affliction and captivity of the ancient Hebrews– the précis of anti-Semiticism. Building upon the aforesaid ahistoric and nonscientific foundation gifted them by their fellow erudites, U.S. legal experts constructed a framework that streamlines the denigration of said Hebrews through the institution of the insidious, fallacious concept of “Black identity”, which has single-handedly precluded the descendants of the Transatlantic Slavetrade from eligibility for Reparation and Restitution under domestic and international law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easily. The social understanding of “Whiteness” greatly varies from the legal definition. The former is based upon melanation content of the skin, while the latter is determined by national origin irrespective of skin tonality.

No. It means the highly-melanated persons in America mislabelled “Blacks” are not Black because, there is no such thing as a “Black man”. Instead, these persons are Hebrews; and Hebrews are legally, Free White Persons under the Constitution and Laws of the United States.

Financial insolvency usually leads to bankruptcy and/or indentured servitude, as a matter of domestic and international law from antiquity to modern times. It is likely that the persons concerned will suffer such fate, amongst other more severe consequences. (Revelations 13:10)

While the Holy Bible does prophecy destruction to the “North Country” or America (Psalms 2:1-5; Jeremiah 50:9; Joel 2:11), there is hope for Israel’s Allies. Certain loyal foreigners of a circumsized heart will be permitted to cleave to Israel and be saved; they will return to the Holy Land with the Children of Israel. (Isaiah 14:1)

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