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Legally Blacks were never Freed from Slavery and are Ineligible for Constitutional Rights: An Hebraic Look at the Dichotomy of American Citizenship

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Slavery once served as the economic arteries of the American political Corpus. After gaining independence from Great Britain circa 1776, the former colonists needed a means to recover the societal devastation of war. The institution of slavery that had been imposed upon purported African Americans since 1619 served as the medium through which the American People reinvigorated their Body. Though undoubtedly lucrative and advantageous, it became an issue of violently divisive political intercourse, which gave way to the Civil War in 1861. As Union resources and personnel depleted, Abraham Lincoln strategically proclaimed freedom for “Black” men willing to assist in the military campaign against the Confederate States in 1863. It is the common misconception that slavery then ended and former slaves attained citizenship under the Constitution and laws of the United States of America. This paper explains why, legally, such is not the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It was the subsequent 13th Article of Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that purports to have abolished slavery.

Slavery comes in many forms, some of which are more tangible and recognizable on the surface than others. But legal classification as a slave has the same affect in court whether on a plantation or not: disparate administration of justice. The court will always view a slave as not having significant rights that prevent it from transgressing the Constitution.

Due to their legal classification as “Blacks”, they are automatically ineligible. But many so-called “Blacks” are actually Hebrews, which entitles them to Reparation and Restitution under US and international law via the Nation of Israel.

Maybe a little. (Just kidding) No. Since those alive today did not mastermind this situation, they themselves should not be hated though their ancestors’ actions were unquestionably, and inexcusably reprehensible. As a result, a massive Debt has been accumulated that must be paid.

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