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Israel is in Africa (FP-AFR1-MAR2023)

The Middle East is a geopolitical region that includes territories on three separate continents: Africa, Europe, and Asia. Each country of the Middle East must be located on one or more of those continents; because, “Middle East” is neither a country, nor a continent.

Map of Middle East, Encyclopædia Britannica; https://www.britannica.com/place/Middle-East#/media/1/381192/246565 (Accessed March 11, 2023).

For millennia, Israel has been understood to be in Africa because, scholars know that it is synonymous with ancient Canaan whose original inhabitants, the Canaanites, were an African or Hamitic people.

Middle East a Twentieth Century Invention

The Western nations fairly recently invented the designation “Middle East” in the early 20th century– less than 100 years ago–  just prior to the creation of the Jewish State in 1948 A.D. Moreover, they introduced the Suez Canal, a manmade waterway, as a demarcation between Africa and Asia to then suggest that Israel is in Asia as opposed to Africa.

Israel (Canaan) is Home to African or "Dark Races"

Africa is the land of Ham (meaning “black” or “swarthy”), given to him and his descendants. (Genesis 10:19). Canaanites were a Hamitic people like unto Ethiopians and (Genesis 10:6)— yes, Egyptians as well. 

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Map of Canaan (Pre-historic Israel)
Israel sits on African Tectonic Plate

Video Disclaimer: The Nation of Israel does not endorse the author of the video, or necessarily support their cultural, religious, or other views; and expressly finds the terms “Hebrew Israelite”, “Black Hebrew”, etc. to be pejorative, anti-Semitic, and extremely offensive tropes.

Nature Rejects Israeli presence in Africa

It is logical that Israelis have amongst the highest rates of skin cancer in the world— due to their being Caucasian foreigners lacking the physical qualities necessary to safely inhabit African lands. Caucasoid peoples cannot withstand the UV radiation from the sun in general– let alone from one of the sunniest regions in the world. Conversely, darker races can live in Israel and other African lands without being literally rejected by nature.

As demonstrated in the video below, sunscreen is simply artificial dark-skin. Yet the Jewish State expects intelligent adults to believe their ancestors lived in Canaan for more than 1,000 years though they are being killed by nature after just roughly 70 years in Africa.

Pseudo-scientific Attempt to Legitimize Caucasoids in African Lands

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