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Jewish State Unconstitutional (FP-NOR1-APR2023)

Legitimacy of the State of Israel depends upon its recognition by the United States in the person of former U.S. president Harry S. Truman in the late 1940s A.D. However, Mr. Truman’s actions were in contravention of the U.S. Constitution which automatically invalidates them and fully negates the legitimacy of the Jewish State.

Video Overview: United States of America’s National Archives correctly documents the U.S. [Government’s] recognition of the State of Israel as being the foundation of the Jewish State’s claims of legitimacy. It is contained in two press releases: the first dated May 14, 1948 for de facto recognition; the second dated January 31, 1949 for de jure recognition.

The two documents used to legitimize the erection of a Jewish Government in Palestine were two 1-page press releases issued by Mr. Truman in 1948, then in 1949. The blaring issue with this is: Harry S. Truman was NOT the President of the United States of America.

President of United States has NO Executive Power

The Executive Power that was needed in order to provide recognition to the State of Israel can only be vested in “a President of the United States of America“, which are a Republic. Harry S. Truman, as president of the United States, did not possess that Power.

Photo showing official copy of U.S. Constitution (Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 1, Clause 1) specifying that only a President of the Republic can hold executive Power. [Click to enlarge].
Office of President Vacant for Over a Century

In the U.S. Constitution, Office of President” as referenced at Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 means an Office held by a President of the United States of America. There has not been a President in Office since decades before the time of Harry S. Truman. 

Photo showing official copy of U.S. Constitution--1787 (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5) specifying Presidential Office appertains to the Republic. [Click to enlarge].

The United States of America defined as a Republic

The official name of the country is “United States of America”– though colloquially (and ambiguously) referred to as “United States” or “U.S.”. And those united States of the Union are not a Democracy but a Republic.

Video Overview: Unabridged Merriam-Webster dictionary correctly defines “United States of America” as the name of the country which is a REPUBLICnot a democracy

  • “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,” (Article IV, Section 4, Constitution of the United States—1787).

  • “An oligarchy or a democracy is equally unrepublican; each was equally hateful to the founders of our government, and each is equally subversive of the structure which they erected. […] The framers of the Constitution recognized the distinction between the republican and democratic form of government, and carefully avoided the latter.” (Pacific Telephone Co. v. Oregon, 223 U.S. 118, 124 (1912)).

  • “When, therefore, [a State] became one of the United States, she entered into an indissoluble relation. All the obligations of perpetual union, and all the guaranties of republican government in the Union, attached at once to the State.” (Texas v. White, 74 U.S. (7 Wall.) 700 (1869)).
Only Federal Government is a Democracy

The official name of the Federal Government is “United States” or “U.S.”. It is government–not the country and States of the Union–that is a Democracy. In American Jurisprudence, government represents the State (e.g. political Sovereign) but is NOT that Sovereign. The “United States of America” are the Sovereign; “United States” is a separate entity that is supposed to protect and advocate the interests of the Republic. 

Video Overview: Short mashup shows how the false notion of the USA being a Democracy is force-fed via propaganda.

But due to media propaganda and a tainted education system, the U.S. serves the interests of the International Jewish Crime Syndicate (IJCS) who created and controls them both.

United States Itself is DE FACTO and Unconstitutional

The Federal Government or “United States” has been fraudulently acting as de facto Sovereign in the USA for more than a century. While the original U.S. Constitution of 1787 was created by and for the United States of America to establish a Federal Government to serve them, that Democracy– under the direction of the Synagogue of Satan– then began amending its own Charter to create a pseudo-government within itself. And it is that private Judeo-corporation “United States [inc.]” that has been running the country under the guise of legitimacy.

Israelis are Criminal Trespassers in Law

Mr. Truman was NOT the President of the country and therefore had NO Authority to give either de facto or de jure recognition to the illegitimate State of Israel. To the contrary, everything done by the United States for the Jewish State is anti-American and unconstitutional.

Video Overview: Violent, militarized Israelis unlawfully occupying the Nation of Israel’s Homeland mercilessly beat innocent Palestinian civilians during prayer. Note: The Nation of Israel cannot and does not endorse the Palestinian’s religion or god. But recognizes the Palestinian’s basic human rights were savagely violated by remorseless, lawless, barbaric Israelis.


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