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Reprimand Unlawful Pro-Israeli Defamation Tactics Harmful to Biblical Hebrews

There is no excuse for unlawful defamation by the State of Israel, Pro-Israeli lobbyists, or any other facet of the Jewish Hate Movement (JHM). Just as Israelites cannot break the law to create false narratives due to being victims of the largest tragedies in human history– including, but not limited to the Transatlantic Slavetrade– it is likewise reprehensible that the Jewish Community leans so heavily upon the Holocaust as if it could legitimize their criminal activity.

Because the Twelve Tribes of Israel have been persecuted and harmed more than all other nations combined, this has given the false impression to the International Jewish Crime Syndicate (IJCS) that Israelites are to be victimized. However, this is a New Dispensation and the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. King David has prevailed over the Philistine1 Samuel 17:50.

As though it was not despicable enough to have stolen the Israelites’ Identity and Jerusalem from her Legal Heirs and Owners, the Synagogue of Satan has attempted to delegitimize the restoration of the Kingdom.

The Nation of Israel will forcefully advance to victory–#NeverAgain allowing any uncircumcised Philistines to assault the battle line of the Living God! 1 Samuel 17:51.


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