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HB 1020 Political Apartheid induces Judgment by Tornadoes in Mississippi

Foreign Affairs has previously addressed the matter of racially-motivated political apartheid in Mississippi’s Capitol Complex District (CCID) in February 2023. Edomite, Mississippi House of Representatives member, John Thomas “Trey” Lamar attempted to pass a “bill” (HB 1020) to cage Israelites in an invisible prison with Edomite overseers.

The Nation of Israel’s Department of Law nullified HB 1020, and a gunman claimed the lives of at least six Edomites near Lamar’s hometown in Tate County. But unfortunately, Lamar was unable to perceive this as a repercussion of his actions. He and his co-conspirators did not learn their lesson. They have tried to tempt God by rebelling against the Nullification. Now Mississippi has been hit with devastating tornadoes.

A whip is for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, And a rod for the back of fools.

There is a price to pay for going against the God of the Bible and His Beloved whom He has appointed King of Israel. Because all power has been given into the hand of King David, including the authority to rule the heathen nations and dash them to pieces if they refuse to comply with the Divine Will.


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