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Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a Seditious-Extremist Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) presents itself as a civil rights organization fighting “on behalf of the exploited, the powerless and the forgotten”. With a seemingly noble cause, the general public is unaware of the anti-Blackness, anti-American, anti-Constitution, unlawful undertakings of the SPLC.

Two of the most fundamental civil Liberties recognized by the U.S. Constitution and Laws are those of Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. These are the two primary Rights that IUIC lawfully exercises. If the SPLC was sincere about the empowerment of disenfranchised persons and communities, then the Israelite man would be at the top of their list of clients and causes. There is no individual more downtrodden, forgotten, exploited, and powerless than him.

SPLC Religious Intolerance, Racism, Demographic Bigotry, and Discriminatory Persecution

Israel United In Christ (I.U.I.C.) is for Israelite men, by Israelite men who pooled their limited resources to help uplift one another. Tirelessly laboring, IUIC donates personal time and income to teach others how to clean up their lives by abstaining from all manner of sin, including but not limited to: whore-mongering, adultery, drugs, and violence. 

While much of IUIC membership includes some of the most socioeconomically disadvantaged persons in the country, the SPLC not only refuses their support but have taken extreme and unlawful measures to cause harm to IUIC. Despite having no involvement in any crime, the SPLC goes out of their way to portray a false, defamatory image of IUIC. They abuse the public’s trust and dependency on them to provide truthful disclosures about hate groups, which SPLC uses to push private, unlawful agendas.

Toddler member of IUIC excited to spend quality time with friends and family who love her.
Drug-free, crime-free, law-abiding IUIC member selflessly volunteering time to clean up the community and give back any way he can.

Community service is a key tenet of IUIC that includes trash pick-up but extends far beyond cleaning-up the streets. Unfortunately, SPLC does not support IUIC community service and volunteerism because the SPLC prefers to see “black” communities dirty, impoverished, and filled with violence.

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

SPLC Targets and launches unprovoked Attacks on the Least Fortunate Members of Society

If working hard to make an honest living, pulling oneself up by the bootstraps, and not making any excuses for not achieving greatness are crimes then the SPLC will have to explain their special form of “logic” to the rest of the world which views these acts as virtuous and noble. Most despicably, the SPLC enjoys trying to destroy God-fearing families and bring harm to innocent women and children.

Israel United In Christ (I.U.I.C.) is a pillar of the impoverished, disadvantaged communities where social, political, and legal justice are most needed.

When a moment of rest from community service is permissible, IUIC loves to spend time with family and friends for hearty laughs, delicious food, exclusive dance moves and an overall good time!

SPLC Dishonesty, Hypocrisy, and Hate Crime

As a Bible-based organization that promotes brotherly love in a manner that complies with the U.S. Constitution and Laws, no one has the right to interfere with IUIC’s ministry. Part and parcel to lawful exercise of constitutionally-protected Liberties is the right to exercise those Freedoms absent persecution, slander, defamation, and other forms of harassment in which the SPLC has engaged.

The SPLC’s goal is to place targets on the backs of men of God by using propaganda to sway public opinion away from hard-working, non-violent, law-abiding Israelite men that take care of their families and communities. They do this by spreading rumors and villainizing IUIC for lawful exercise of constitutional Rights, which is a very hateful, unlawful thing for SPLC to do. It is illegal to interfere with the lawful exercise of another’s personal Liberties– especially in a manner that may subject them to infamy or harm, which is precisely what the SPLC has done to IUIC. Their purpose is to encourage hate crime against law-abiding persons due to their own racially-motivated hatred and prejudice against Israelite men.

For SPLC to present themselves as advocates of the oppressed and pioneers of “justice and equality for all” (as their website falsely states) on the surface to secretly be engaging in the lowly, filthy, illicit harassment of defenseless, economically disadvantaged persons is appalling and downright disgusting.

Jews call for the torture and murder of innocent Israelites who have never harmed them.
Israelis and other Jewish persons abroad are more forthcoming about the racist extremism and pure hatred that Jews harbor for other people whose lives and opinions are not valued by the Jewish Community.
SPLC Motivation for Seditious Extremism, anti-Semitism, Hate Speech, and Skincolor Politics

Skincolor politics is a sensitive subject that the SPLC loves to harp on. Although IUIC is made up of Israelites with dark skin tones to light skin tones and everything in between whom are all loved and cherished, SPLC tries to cause racial divides and prevent inclusivity.

The following terms are anti-Semitic, culturally offensive, intellectually demeaning, and ethnologically inaccurate tropes created and/or employed by the SPLC:

  • Black, Indigenous, People of Color in America (“BIPOC”)
  • Black Hebrew Israelite (BHI)
  • Hebrew Israelite
  • Radical Hebrew Israelite


The proper term for an Israelite– whether they have “white” or “black” skin is simply Israelite. But SPLC would like to program it into the minds of the masses that there is something wrong with having “black” skin, and that “white” skin is better– like that of the Jewish people.

Bennett Grau, Jewish Chairman of the Board of Directors, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) anti-semitic, hate crime organization that promotes domestic terrorism

SPLC is run by Jewish persons, such as Chairman of the Board Brennett Grau, that use the organization as a front to advance Jewish agendas. One of those is the suppression and destruction of IUIC because brave Israelite men taking a lawful, Biblically-sanctioned stand to reclaim their Identity makes it painfully obvious that the Jewish Community is comprised of impostors. Unscrupulous impostors that undermine the U.S. Constitution and Laws for their own selfish, illegal purposes.

It is a well-known fact of history that Jews incited the American Civil War, funded the Ku Klux Klan, and did everything possible to prevent Israelites from leaving their lucrative slave plantations. But fortunately, the Jews were unsuccessful at preventing the slaves from being freed. However, Jews still have a toxic “white privilege”, “white-is-right” mindset that makes them feel entitled to continue mistreating and violating the rights of Israelites.

Israelites should NOT have to fight for the Right to Peaceably Exist

In keeping with the State of Israel’s xenophobic tradition, SPLC supports and promotes hatred and violence against people solely based upon the color of their skin. Forced police killings and Anti-Blackness are serious issues that characterize the Jewish sentiment toward Israelites. 

Due to Anti-Blackness and deep-rooted hatred, non-whites are made to live in constant fear around Israeli and Jewish persons. The SPLC agrees with the discriminatory practices of the Jewish State and enforces them here in America against Israel United In Christ.

The Nation of Israel believes that no one should have to live in constant fear for their life and well-being. Unfortunately, the SPLC does not agree. They are unapologetically in denial of their unacceptable, intolerable behaviour.

Cease and Desist served on SPLC for on-going Harassment of IUIC

The Department of Law was compelled to send legal notice of criminal activity to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in connection with their false, ill-intended, hateful attacks perpetrated against Israel United In Christ (I.U.I.C). For years, the SPLC has shamelessly, and unlawfully slandered IUIC to discourage the public from listening to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. But regardless of whether they feel “blacks” should be free and Israelites entitled to the same rights and dignity as everyone else, the SPLC and Jewish persons do not have the right to subvert the U.S. Constitution and Laws to achieve their illicit goals founded upon discrimination, and hatred.


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