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Race as a Social Construct and an Ethnic Reality: Uncovering the Genetically “Black” Aborigines of Ancient Israel, Legal Heirs to the Holy Land

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For centuries, the concept of “race” has been misused to justify disparate regard for human life on the superficial basis of skin color. Fortunately, the exceptionally multi-faceted Field of Science has evolved to new heights– or depths, rather. Science can now penetrate beyond surface aesthetics, deep down inside the physiological ecology of the human species to see where human populations come from. Particularly, anthropological genetics can measure, trace, and verify ancestral heritage into prehistory. While this ability should never be used to deride or otherwise persecute, it can be helpful in the attainment of ethnic identification for an heretofore disenfranchised people, as well as assist in the promotion and maintenance of international peace by providing answers to age-old questions surrounding hot-button issues within the realm of international politics, which have unnecessarily stifled mutual respect and understanding within the Human Family for far too long.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. They are social constructs based on skin tonality rather than science.

Yes. Geneticists can trace ancestral pedigree far back, into ancient history. It has already proven that certain “Blacks” are descended from the indigenous people of ancient Israel.

No, of course not. Just as all “White” people are not Irish, and all “Asians” are not Japanese.

Yes. (Just kidding). No, not simply for the fact of being an Israelite. While we have a “special” Bloodline, we also have a big responsibility to Humanity– that’s the part that most people forget.

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