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Extermination of the International Jewish Crime Syndicate (IJCS): Arise, Shine; for Thy Light is Come, and the Glory of the Lord is Risen Upon Thee

Image Description: Original work by Lord of the Earth, titled “Jewish Hate” as a reminder of the importance to #StandUpToJewishHate for Humanity. Photos extracted from authentic Jewish manuscripts blatantly revealing the “god” worshipped by the Synagogue of Satan is the Devil [source below] “Wherefore the Lord himself will overthrow them before our face: and as […]

AntiSemitism Hoax and Death of U.S. Constitution: Synagogue of Satan uses “White Guilt” to Mobilize Jewish Hate Movement (JHM) and Overthrow America

Image Description: Black-and-white engraving depicting, above, Simon of Trent, whose disappearance and murder led to charges of blood libel against the Jewish community of Trent; below, an image of a Judensau (Jews’ sow ). Anno 1475 am Grünen Donnerstag war das Kindlein Simeon 2 Jahr alt als es von den Juden ist umgebracht worden (“In […]