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Madman brings Genocide to Mississippi: Tate County’s John Thomas “Trey” Lamar and evil plan for racially-motivated political apartheid invoke Wrath of God

Image Description: Christ enthroned and the seven angels with trumpets; below, an angel with a censer identified in an inscription: ‘ubi aperuit angelus turabulum et misit eum in terra et facte sunt fulgura’ (Revelation 8:2-5). Beatus of Liébana, Commentary on the Apocalypse (The “Silos Apocalypse”), f 126r. [source below] And I will tread down the […]

SPLC & ADL, Radicalized U.S. Government-Sponsored Terrorism: Anti-American Extremists Race-Bating and Subverting Constitution to Instigate Civil War (AGAIN)

Image Description: Print shows five vignettes from life of abolitionist John Brown. At top: Devil orchestrating events leading to Civil War, plotting America’s demise. At bottom: America personified as Lady Liberty kneeling, covering face in shame, defenseless (with shield at side) and U.S. flag thrown on ground before her as sun sets on Republic in […]

Never Forget, International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Fall of Babylon: The Death and Damnation of the Serpent, Red Dragon Tohu wa-bohu

Image Description: God separating light from the darkness of chaotic desolation (“Tohu Wa-Bohu”) that was in the beginning before the Earth was created. (The Creator portrayed as a “Negro” like unto his sons, the Israelites) [source below] We are esteemed of him as counterfeits: he abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness: he pronounceth the […]

Notice of Nationhood: The Official Consummation of Israelitish Nationality

Thumbnail- Notice of Nationhood

Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last! Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tweet Israelites FREED from Political Plantation After more than 400 years of captivity in America, the Israelites are now FREE from the invisible yet very real plantation of the U.S. social structure! Some may believe that […]