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Unresolved Semitic Origins of Jewish Population Genetics: Revisiting the Khazar Hypothesis from a Judaic Perspective

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There has been much contention surrounding Judaism as a religio-cultural ethnicity. The questions have often been asked: who are the Jewish people, and what does it mean to be a Semite? With the threat of unprovoked hatred and violence against protected people groups on the rise, it becomes imperative to dispell the darkness of ignorance with the light of truth. All truth should lend itself to empirical demonstration, absent which a reasonable mind must cease to rely thereupon. Due to the recent influx in accusations of anti-Semitism, Humanity must now turn its attention toward a pressing matter: what does it mean to be a Semite, and who properly qualifies under such designation?

Frequently Asked Questions

Originally, it was only a religion created in 6th-century B.C. Palestine, but later became a people in Medieval Europe following the destruction of the Khazarian Empire.

No. Most are of a Turkic (Japhetic) Racial background as opposed to Hebrew (Semitic). Jews do not form part of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, also commonly referred to as the Biblical Hebrews.

No. Israelites are the Biblical Hebrews who are also Semites that make up the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

No, of course not. We should never hate anyone on the basis of Race, religion, or ethnicity.

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